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Currency trader trading bitcoins

Ƀ10.0 for 365 days, Removed (* last known status, atleast before 22st of December 2016)

I would like this loan to expand my trading operation. I have been a currency (forex) trader for 3 years now and started trading bitcoins and litcoins at the beginning of 2013. Last year, I made ~1000%APR trading with the volatility we saw in the last quarter of 2013. With the current trading conditions we have not made 1000% this year but it is still profitable enough to easily pay 4.3% monthly. I have accounts on the largest exchanges such as Btc-e, BTC China, Bitcoin-Trader, Cryptsy, and CAVirtex. The bitcoins I borrow would be going into one or all of my accounts on these websites. I have over 300btc under management and would like to grow that to be as big as possible. I am starting off asking for only 10btc in hopes I get funded since I am new here and have not built my reputation yet. I look forward to building lasting relationships with anyone willing to lend and hope to gain your trust so we can continue doing business together long after this loan is paid back.

Currency trader trading bitcoins
365 days